Yado’s company verification service prevents the consumer becoming defrauded by Winnix, a Verified Supplier on Alibaba

On  2015, Yado employees received an e-mail asking for guide to check a company called “WINNIX TECHNOLOGIES CO., LIMITED”, which were identified through via the internet trading platform. According to the client, Winnix has sent her an invoice, involving 1000USD, for acquiring rfid goods but she felt uncertain about this transaction together with the company.

I searched the internet about Winnix but didn’t discovered any comments from folks. I discovered completely different registration dates of Winnix company, numerous distinct names of sales managers. So.. it began to smell ‘fishy’ and I decided to work with your services. The clients stated.

Right after the investigation conducted by Yado Group, it is actually identified that that “Winnix Technologies Co., Limited ” is usually a fake company and its site might have been set up by a person illegally.

The client was so thankful for Yado’s service which helped her stay clear of the risk of losing so much income. But what makes this client feel confused is the fact that Winnix is actually a Verified Supplier around the over the internet trading platform. How could this take place and how could people seeking out suppliers internet stay clear of the threat of being defrauded as this case?

As an online legal services provider, Yado aims to provide you with regional expertise to provide our clientele peace of mind in unfamiliar territory. A wide range of legal service is covered includingcompany verifications, legal documentation, company registration, trademark registration, and more. When you’re interested, just do a speedy search on our web page: www.yado.com.

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