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Going to China? Get your Chinese Visa Application Types Ready

No matter if you are just booking your 1st tickets to China, or happen to be there a great number of instances that you just know additional concerning the finest milk tea in the neighbourhood then locals do, you still have 1 point in widespread – acquiring Chinese visa applications forms accomplished.


Men and women who coming China for distinct factors shall apply distinctive categories of Visa, for example, the working visa in China called Visa Z, student visa for long-term studying in China named X1, short-term known as X2.


Yado has dealt with numerous foreigners’ visas for our clientele who staying in China for functioning. Now let us present you an incredibly brief process. As outlined by relevant Chinese laws, there are 4 actions you shall want to comply with for working in China legally:


Firstly,Invitation Letter for China Visa is for the people who has employed by Chinese Company(have signed Chinese labour contract with employer).

Subsequent, filling out a really serious of documents before hanging more than departments of neighborhood government exactly where you lived in China, which includes individual CV, private passport, the license/certification of the employer, the employment intention letter, your application type of operating (document may very well be download at Yado), the reason report, individual certification of study and the overall health report.


Thirdly, by way of the above two methods, immediately after you successfully get your Invitation Letter, you may go to Chinese Embassy for applying the Visa Z inside your mother country.


Congratulations, lastly, along with your Visa Z, you could ask your Chinese colleagues accompanying you to go to the Police station to cope with your Residence Permission.


In case you would prefer to know any details on the above process of tips on how to cope with Chinese functioning visa, vist